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Find Through Drug Addiction Hotlines. — Most addicts cannot stop taking drugs on their own. The drug they have taken have altered their brain in such a way that they develop a seemingly insatiable …

Delaware County Responds to Heroin Problem with Confidential Hotline
[rewrite]He urges residents of Delaware County to use the hotline to inform law enforcement of possible drug situations. The number is : 888-914-9111. Mr. Eisel spoke with CNY's Ron Galley: Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play …[/rewrite]
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Prescription Drug Addiction?

Question by Joe: Prescription Drug Addiction?
[rewrite]I think that I might have a prescription drug addiction. Please Help!!!

Best answer:

Answer by busylady0615
well, it depends on what it is. if it is a painkiller (probably, those are the most addictive) then you should go to your dr. let them know and they can help you safely stop taking the drug without severe withdrawl syptoms. also, they can make sure you never get it or it’s relatives again to renew your problem.
i know it seems scary to never have it again, but if you really want help then do it!

UPDATE 2-Reckitt Leans Towards Pharmaceuticals Spin-Off

UPDATE 2-Reckitt leans towards pharmaceuticals spin-off
[rewrite]Pharma spin-off emerging as "strong option" (Adds CFO quotes, background, details, byline, bullets). By Martinne Geller. LONDON, April 16 (Reuters) – Consumer goods maker Reckitt Benckiser Group stood … Excluding the pharmaceutical business, which …[/rewrite]
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HUFFPOST HILL – They See Enrollin', They Hatin'
[rewrite]While Republicans tended to favor legalization the least, support among Democrats and independents didn't reach 20 percent for any drug and was lower for most." [Swanson] … National Journal: "Congressional offices have a porn problem, but it's not …[/rewrite]
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Drug Addiction vs. Chocolate Addiction?

Question by greglovern: Drug Addiction vs. Chocolate Addiction?
[rewrite]My wife says that addition to hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin are qualitatively the same thing as addition to anything else, no matter how mild, such as chocolate, and differ ONLY in the degree of their effects.

Is that true?

Can you point me to any helpful links on this?

Best answer:

Answer by Eliot K
That is like saying that a gun and a pillow are the same thing, but in different degrees.

I Know a Lady Who Runs an Assisted Living Facility in Her House.?

Question by : I know a lady who runs an assisted living facility in her house.?
[rewrite]One of the residents has Parkinson’s disease and the owner has Power of Attorney for the resident. He has no family and has almost no function of is body or is lucid for very long. He doesn’t have much longer to live and has lived in her house as a resident for almost twenty years. I just found out that she has activated many credit cards and has put him in horrible debt, which is illegal. Her son is a teenager and uses and sells drugs which I am sure he has inside the house. She has left them with unqualified caregivers who don’t give medications properly and even one who has abused the residents. One of her residents’ recently passed away and I heard that she had two women who were her other son’s girlfriends watching the residents while she was out of town. The lady had a stroke in the morning and neither of the women who were supposedly watching the residents felt any need to call the owner or for medical help and resident showed visible signs of having a stroke, they left her alone in her room ignored. Is there a way to anonymously report the owner? How would someone go about doing this in the State of Maryland…please help! Thank you

Homeless Shelter Director Suggests Closing It Down

Homeless shelter director suggests closing it down
[rewrite]Ukiah may lose its homeless shelter this summer as its overseers consider at a meeting today how to stop bleeding money and better help those who need housing, food, mental health services and substance abuse counseling. Jacqueline Williams … The …[/rewrite]
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[rewrite]The families of our communities are standing their ground from people who are causing these . We need to solve this problem today, not tomorrow or the next … We always have to listen to what they are saying about this drug problem we're …[/rewrite]
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