Recovering From Drug Addiction?

Question by slide000: recovering from drug addiction?
[rewrite]i got out of a drug habit and ive been enjoying more time to myself then going out. all my friends still go to college so if i go out or visit ill end up drunk and regret it the next day. i dont even like to drink anymore and thats what there all about but its hard not to when im with them because it seems i wont fit in. i am still trying to recover from the drug habit because i can still tell my confidence isn’t healed.but ive been better than i ever felt and seems i only been feeling better and better everyday until i drink and get cognitive thinking,then puts me a step back… the big reason ive stopped the drugs is because of the cognitive thinking and nervousness/ depression ive developed. so the friends i have kinda put me back even though i know i should have the power to not drink. ive been thinking latley i wish i had different friends that wasnt all about getting messed up all the time, they been my friends for the longest time though. i guess i dont have a real question but need some advice,how should i go about this?

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Answer by Katie
Dealing with addiction can be one of the hardest things a person can go through. It is more complicated because addiction is usually just a problem that masks an even deeper problem like low self-esteem or any number of emotional issues a person can have. From what you have said you have already taken one of the most important steps in recognizing that you have a problem and what is even better is that you are taking active steps to stop the yourself from relapsing. Unfortunately, I also had to learn the hard way that drugs might make you feel better for a while but after time they put you into a much scarier place that you were before you started taking them. It is actually terrifying to think of what effects they could have on both your body and mind and it is hard to acknowledge the profound role they can play in your life, especially when addiction sets in. Plus you still have the underlying problem to deal with.

This is what I recommend you do as this is what worked for me. First, just realize that you are not alone and that not all college kids drink and party. I don’t drink often just because I feel like I have better things to do that won’t take such a big toll on me (not for some religious or moral reason). Second, you have to either stop hanging out with your friends when they are putting you in bad situations or stop hanging out with them at all. If they are really your friend they will want to hang out with you no matter what activity you are doing. People who only hang out with you when they are high/drunk or going out to party have their own problems and are not really your friends at all. You seriously do not need to deal with people who probably have way more issues than you and who are going to just drag you down with them. There is a reason people say “you are what you associate yourself with”.

Also, I think you need to get to know yourself better. Personally, I would recommend therapy just for a while to help you understand yourself and help you figure out how to specifically tailor your life to what you want. I know therapy is not for everyone but if you are willing to go and try it WILL help. Other ways you can help build up your self-esteem and understanding are to read books, write down thoughts, channel your creativity and just enjoy life. It is very hard at first but once you develop hobbies and interests that don’t just revolve around drugs they will actually be much more enjoyable then getting high. Share your interests with others around you and make friends who enjoy doing the same things as you. I know it is hard to let go of an old friendship so maybe you can bond with your friend over things other then partying. If your friends cannot enjoy anything but drugs and parties then they have a serious problem and they will stunt your recovery. Even if you have been friends for a long time there is a limit. You just need to decide if you friends have passed the acceptable limit or if you can work with each other to change the activities you do.

This is all going to be difficult at first and it may feel lonely at times but just realize that you are doing this to make your life better and that it will pay off. There is so much more to life then drinking and drugs. Give yourself the chance to experience life as a pure unaltered being. In this way you will be true to yourself and there is nothing better in life that you can do for yourself.

Good luck and I hope this helps!


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