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Looking for a Christian Rehabilitation Center for Drug Abuse?

Question by tury7177: looking for a Christian Rehabilitation Center for drug abuse?

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Answer by Schleppy
I just typed “christian drug rehab” into the Yahoo search engine and it brought up a bunch of websites for different places around the country. Give it a try.

Christian counseling for drug abuse saved my brother’s life when other counselors had failed, so I wish you the same success. (He wasn’t even a Christian yet at the time, by the way.)


For Those Who Have Been Imprisoned Due to Drug Use, Do They Still Have to Undergo Drug Treatment Afterwards?

Question by adelina_x: For those who have been imprisoned due to drug use, do they still have to undergo drug treatment afterwards?
[rewrite]I do know that they will most likely get treated while they are inside jail, but will that be enough?

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Answer by nice_alivia
Well, it’s very advisable that they still go through a drug treatment program after they have been released from jail. The treatment of one’s drug addiction should not end in the prison halls due to the fact that there is a stronger tendency for relapses to occur once the individual is already in the outside world. Joining 12-step programs will get to help him too.

'Oprah Prime' Explores How Teens Are Getting Tricked Into Using Heroin (VIDEO)

'Oprah Prime' Explores How Teens Are Getting Tricked Into Using Heroin (VIDEO)
[rewrite]"I would tell them it was OxyContin, Vicodin, cocaine –- really, anything. … According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, there has been an 80 percent increase in teens seeking treatment for heroin abuse in the past decade.[/rewrite]
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Tears, fears about alcohol and drugs
[rewrite]The Fall River native and ex-basketball sensation attended Boston College, but was suspended for testing positive for cocaine use. He later transferred to Fresno State and his drug use escalated. He played two … This was the second year that Herren …[/rewrite]
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How to End Your Crack Cocaine Addiction

How To End Your Crack Cocaine Addiction — Nutritional / Orthomolecular approach to treating cocaine abuse. Hey, it’s Trish. We’ve had many questions about overcoming substa…

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Florida Drug Rehab Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment Center

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Part III: Responding to the Heroin Epidemic
[rewrite]He is a big supporter of drug treatment courts, first developed in Florida in 1989 in response to widespread use of crack cocaine and the endless cycle of addiction and chronic criminal behavior associated with its use. Steiner said the drug courts …[/rewrite]

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Marijuana vs. Tobacco Health Issues?

Question by Asdfasd F: Marijuana vs. Tobacco health issues?
[rewrite]This is for my wellness class and i need to make a poster about the side effects of both.

they can be GOOD or BAD side effects, my teacher is very open minded, she just wants us to know the truth.

so is marijuana smoked from various devices really that bad compared to cigarettes?
ive heard it deposits 3 times more tar, but what if the occasional user only has one joint a day. is that unhealthy? why?
if you are totally against smoking, my teacher actually recommended watching “The Union The Movie” so we all wont be so narrow minded, maybe you should too. it was very interesting