What Is Day-to-Day Life Like in Live-in Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Rehab Facilities, Especically Re: School?

Question by Worried Guy: What is day-to-day life like in live-in adolescent drug and alcohol rehab facilities, especically re: school?
[rewrite]Thinking about sending my sister, but I don’t want her to lose all semblance of normalcy, so I’d really like to know about school and social interactions with other kids at these places.

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Answer by Zorlock
It’s hell but its works but mainly you just talk to the other kids about drugs. Well the one I went to

Answer by pure_genius
I have not been in a facility that treated adolescent substance abuse problems exclusively. I have been in dual diagnosis facilities. They are facilities that treat substance abuse problems along with other psychiatric issues. I was placed in a facility like that because of a family history with substance abuse.

Every place is going to be different, but schooling and social interaction are not generally the focus of these facilities. Some facilities will attempt to place tight controls on social interaction. This is do to the fact that interactions among adolescents in that environment can easily lead to inappropriate sexual behavior. I never found schooling in these facilities to anything beyond a poor substitute for real education. Often it consisted of time set aside to try and keep up with work from your real school. What may often have the greatest impact on day to day life in these facilities is whether they are secure or not. Maintaining normalcy can be very difficult when doors are locked.

I strongly suggest you ask as many questions as possible at the places you are considering.


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