prescription drug addiction

Recovering From Drug Addiction?

Question by slide000: recovering from drug addiction?
[rewrite]i got out of a drug habit and ive been enjoying more time to myself then going out. all my friends still go to college so if i go out or visit ill end up drunk and regret it the next day. i dont even like to drink anymore and thats what there all about but its hard not to when im with them because it seems i wont fit in. i am still trying to recover from the drug habit because i can still tell my confidence isn’t healed.but ive been better than i ever felt and seems i only been feeling better and better everyday until i drink and get cognitive thinking,then puts me a step back… the big reason ive stopped the drugs is because of the cognitive thinking and nervousness/ depression ive developed. so the friends i have kinda put me back even though i know i should have the power to not drink. ive been thinking latley i wish i had different friends that wasnt all about getting messed up all the time, they been my friends for the longest time though. i guess i dont have a real question but need some advice,how should i go about this?

Prescription Drug Abuse: Healthcare Provider Compliance and DEA’s Role

Prescription drug abuse: Healthcare provider compliance and DEA’s role — Prescription drug abuse: Healthcare provider compliance and DEA’s role – What Role Does The Physician Play In Prescription Drug Abuse? Discover the best trea…

FDA approves device to combat opioid drug overdose
[rewrite]In a move aimed at stemming the tide of deaths caused by the nation's prescription drug epidemic, the Food and Drug Administration on Thursday approved a new device that would allow family members or caregivers to administer emergency medication to …[/rewrite]
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Hawaii Rehab Graduate Overcomes Prescription Drug Addiction

Hawaii Rehab Graduate Overcomes Prescription Drug Addiction — Hawaii Island Recovery graduate describes her terrible ordeal with her prescription drug addiction. If you or someone yo…

TAKE 5: Lee County combats drug abuse problem with Project Lazarus
[rewrite]Clinical training will focus on providing guidance to clinicians and prescribers on the treatment of chronic pain and proper application of an overdose antidote. Awareness of unintentional poisonings and chronic pain issues … Lee County Health …[/rewrite]
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Perscription Drug Addiction?

Question by Mark O: Perscription Drug Addiction?
[rewrite]How do you tell if someone has a prescription drug addiction? Is it similar to an illegal drug addiction? I have a loved one who I am very concerned about. They take prescription drugs for medical purposes. But they affect them the same way that illegal drugs affect others. They take 35 every day. They are a nurse. They can give a medical justification for every one of them. But the way they react at different times makes me wonder. Their emotions go up and down. They have the same reactions as a drug addict. Can someone give some advice on helping my loved one.

White Collar Prescription Drug Addiction Epidemic

White Collar Prescription Drug Addiction Epidemic — From: Please like PigMine’s FaceBook page here: Subscribe to…

Prescription drug abuse an all-too-familiar story
[rewrite]Every 25 minutes someone in the U.S. dies from an overdose, and prescription drugs are the most commonly abused substances after marijuana and alcohol, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Colts owner Jim Irsay has admitted prescription …[/rewrite]
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Potent new prescription drug alarms Vt. health leaders, politicians
[rewrite]Pressure is mounting on the Food and Drug Administration to revisit its approval of a controversial new medication. Members of Congress, state attorneys general, addiction specialists, and public health officials are worried Zohydro extended-release …[/rewrite]
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Can My Insurance Cover an Inpatient Addiction Program 100% ?

Question by khamla95: Can my insurance cover an inpatient addiction program 100% ?
[rewrite]I have Aetna insurance under my father, and last night i got ahold of a drug treatment facility to check into an inpatient rehab clinic for my prescription drug addiction. The woman gave me lots of info and took my insurance and called the insurance company to get an approval and when she called back today she said they will cover the 28-day inpatient program 100% with no expense to me, (The Holistic Addiction Treatment Center that is shown on shows like intervention and such…) she even said they would cover the flight to the center (It is in florida and I am located in Ohio where there are no covered treatment centers)