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Prescription Drug Addiction?

Question by Joe: Prescription Drug Addiction?
[rewrite]I think that I might have a prescription drug addiction. Please Help!!!

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Answer by busylady0615
well, it depends on what it is. if it is a painkiller (probably, those are the most addictive) then you should go to your dr. let them know and they can help you safely stop taking the drug without severe withdrawl syptoms. also, they can make sure you never get it or it’s relatives again to renew your problem.
i know it seems scary to never have it again, but if you really want help then do it!

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center | Alcohol Recovery Center

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center | Alcohol Recovery Center — Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center offers detox, counseling, and more for alcohol, drug, and prescription drug addiction in re…

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Statistics Associated With Recovering From Drug Addiction?

Question by shybutdaring7: Statistics associated with recovering from drug addiction?
[rewrite]Do you know where I can find them, or if you have them and can just give them to me, that would be great, too.

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Answer by SPLATT
Look thru this site.


Cannabis shows economic, medicinal promise
[rewrite]Though the legality and effectiveness of medicinal treatment remain under a political microscope, some patients consider marijuana an alternative to prescription drugs. Highly debated points include health factors and side effects. Many people opposed …[/rewrite]
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Drug Addiction (PLEASE HELP)?

Question by : Drug Addiction (PLEASE HELP)?
[rewrite]A little background:
My sister-in-law has been battling bulimia and a meth addiction for over 8 years. She has been in at least 3 different rehabs throughout this time and nothing has worked and/or she hasn’t taken it serious. She married her drug dealer and had a baby with him. There is a ton more information on this but I don’t want to go into extreme details on that part.

Would Binge Drinking Considered to Be Abusing Drugs?

Question by Taking a troll across Y!A: Would binge drinking considered to be abusing drugs?
[rewrite]Since alcohol is a drug, if someone is binge drinking, would they be considered to be abusing a drug?

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Answer by Per D
I suppose so but people would call it alcohol abuse rather than drug abuse. Although technically binge drinking is drug abuse, it is usually only illegal drugs that are “drug abused” and prescription drugs.

Answer by bradleya115
No because 1.It a drink 2.It is not legal (as long you are over 18) 3.It not seen as a drug even tho it is drug.

Drug Conference Expanding Focus to New Problems

Drug Conference Expanding Focus to New Problems
[rewrite]"Unfortunately whether we're in southern Illinois, central Illinois, or the Chicago Metropolitan area, heroin and prescription drug abuse is probably the number one drug problem that we have to work with," said Madigan. Madigan has been a long-time …[/rewrite]
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