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Judge Recommends Iraq Veteran With PTSD and Drug Addiction Get Help in

Judge recommends Iraq veteran with PTSD and drug addiction get help in
[rewrite]The Seeking Safety website describes it as "a model of counseling to help improve coping skills." The program was originally developed for trauma, substance abuse, and/or PTSD. Christopher H. Noland, coordinator for regional substance addiction …[/rewrite]
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Prescription drug database: help for addicts or invasion of privacy?
[rewrite]Drug overdoses in Pennsylvania increased by 89 percent between 1999 and 2010, with Pennsylvania ranked 14th in the country for such deaths. Most of the deaths involved prescription drugs. Moreover, authorities say prescription drug abuse is closely …[/rewrite]
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Judge Gives Big Bail Discount to Don Tollefson

Judge gives big bail discount to Don Tollefson
[rewrite]Bucks County Assistant District Attorney Ryan Hyde said this was done so Tollefson could enter a 30-day drug treatment program. Hyde said the state … Tollefson promised half the money would go to charities like the Salvation Army or Special Olympics …[/rewrite]
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Lab says King County deputy passed out from drugs
[rewrite]The three-month investigation was conducted by Bellevue police who had a blood sample tested at a lab in Pennsylvania. It found the presence of multiple prescription drugs … Â If any of these drugs made me drowsy behind the wheel, I'd ask for …[/rewrite]
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Drug Anwsers?

Question by Ryan O: drug anwsers?
[rewrite]need for power point
slang or street names
origen of drug
how the drug is used
immediate effects
long term effects
and 5 ohter key points

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Answer by Shep
Ok, I ask homework questions on here but this is like a whole report..stop being so lazy.


Question by runeknight94: DANGERS OF DRUG ABUSE?
[rewrite]i am trying to write a report well more like i have to write a report on the dangers of drug abuse and there are some topics they want me to cover like

The Physical and Emotional Affects of Drug Addiction

Historical and current rehabilitation practices.

Both legal and illegal drugs

and i couldn’t find any websites that could help me or that i thought would help me and i was wondering if you could post some websites that might help. or if you could tell me some stuff about the topics ? oh and if some ones does it for me they will get 5/5 best answer lol na not really thanks
Oh this is for a 500 word report just to let yall no 🙂

Prescription Medication Abuse, Dr. Reef on Awareness & Treatment (CNN)

Prescription Medication Abuse, Dr. Reef on Awareness & Treatment (CNN) — Prescription Medication Abuse – Dr. Reef, founder and Medical Director of The Control Center, discusses tackling addiction in America on CNN. Connect with Dr…

Witness says Baldi was known as pill source
[rewrite]Thiel said he'd been ticked off to see how easily his brother obtained prescription drugs, such as hydrocodone, to feed an obvious addiction. "I moved back here from Maui, Hawaii, and I'd been gone for about five years, and when I came back, all over …[/rewrite]

Drug Addiction Withdrawls????

Question by ambertipton491: Drug addiction withdrawls????
[rewrite]My brother has been popping pills i think mostly uppers about 25 pills a day . he stopped cold turkey yesterday and now hes going to serious withdrawls already. what should we do as a family ? What can happen to him as a consequence of going off of them the way he did.

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Answer by CAPE
get some magnesium tablets and really he needs to take two to three times what the daily amount is several times a day. (this is a natural cure), otherwise, call the er. if he goes into a seizure things can get really bad.